ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA - A news report posted on states that an Orange County hotel security guard was shot to death by one of the hotel's guests.  The incident occurred last Sunday night.  Records show a security guard at a hotel got into a confrontation with a guest.  The shooter was later identified and arrested for the shooting.  The news report states that the circumstances that caused the shooting remains unclear.

The Days Inn security guard, a 35-year-old man, passed away at a local hospital, after he was shot twice by a hotel guest.  According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the location of the fatal shooting was at the Days Inn off of 33rd Street.  Orange County Sheriff's Office deputies discovered the victim unconscious in a Chevrolet Suburban by the hotel at around 11:20 PM.  

The shooter, a 23-year-old man, was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree murder.

The victim's girlfriend stated to crime scene investigators that she was "keeping the victim company" while her boyfriend was working as a security guard at the hotel.  She stated that she witnessed a man on the second floor who was banging on a hotel door.  The arrest report stated that the security guard called out to the man, who was later identified as the shooter.

The girlfriend said that the suspect then went down to meet with the victim.  A short confrontation transpired, then her boyfriend returned to her and stated that he had been shot.  The victim's girlfriend  told the detectives that she believed there was a struggle because she stated that she heard someone yell, "Let go of my hand."

The suspect's girlfriend, a guest at the hotel with the suspect and their child, stated that the suspect was intoxicated and he was knocking on their hotel room door because he had lost his hotel room key.  She said she was trying to let the suspect into the room, but a man she did not know had prevented her from closing the hotel door.

She stated that her boyfriend left the hotel room, and around one minute later, the woman heard gunshots.  She stated that the suspect returned to the hotel room and told her the man "pulled a gun on him."

Crime scene detectives discovered what resembled to be a handgun in the victim's pocket, but it was an airsoft gun.  The suspect's girlfriend then stated that she didn't see her boyfriend with a gun.  Law enforcement conducted a search of their hotel room and did not find a firearm.  The fatal shooting is currently under investigation. 

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