Pulled OverA suspended driver's license can present multiple problems for anyone. Being responsible for personal transportation is almost a necessity in today's world, especially when that mobility includes maintaining a family and getting to work. Even a license suspension for 30 days can present transportation issues when an individual has no family or support network to help them get around.

While there are some driving charges that result in automatic driver's license suspension, such as a conviction for driving under the influence, there are also other driving infractions that can result in a license suspension that could be avoided with the right Naples criminal defense lawyer representing your case like the legal professionals at Musca Law.

Evaluating the Evidence

At issue in many driver's license suspension cases is how the suspension came about. There is any number of reasons a license may be assigned demerit points based on a moving violation conviction. This occurs regularly. The problems often arise because of multiple violations while the prior demerit points are still active.

A criminal defense lawyer can investigate the case and negotiate with the local prosecutor and officer issuing the citation for a charge reduction, especially when a ticket is not a criminal issue as well. The nature of the ticket can matter, and citations issued on questionable evidence can even be dismissed when a prosecutor is willing to adjust charges to help avoid suspension.

Case Diversions

Case diversion can be an effective method of protecting a driver's license as well. Case diversion amounts to a charge being postponed in the docket system for a specific amount of time for later evaluation based on the driving behavior of the defendant. This is particularly effective when the defendant has prior violation demerit points that are close to expiration. This can be a difficult negotiation when there are aggravating circumstances involved with the citation, such as any associated criminal charge, but it can be a feasible option with some prosecutors.

Do not just assume you have no defense when facing a driver's license suspension. Moving violations and speeding citations can be taken to court just like defending a criminal charge, and prosecutors usually do not like seeing defendants take this legal defense option. Having a criminal defense lawyer can increase the chances of a case diversion or reduction in exchange for a guilty plea or an agreement to complete a driver's education class before going to court.

Call Musca Law as soon as possible because evidence can fade quickly.