Bonds or Bail: what are they, how do you get one, how do you repay one, what are the terms and conditions of a bond, what is bail, what is a bond - ughhhhh! What is bail?

Well, if you are unfamiliar with bail agents and the necessity of bonds, but have been required to have one as a condition of release from jail, for you or a family member or friend, you need to be informed. Often times if you are jailed on suspicion of a DUI in Florida, you will be jailed and required to post bond in order to be released from jail.

What is a bond?

A bond is required to be posted to ensure the defendant will show up in court on misdemeanor or felony charges. Oftentimes a bond of 10% of the amount is required, and that is where a bond or bail broker comes in. A bond must be posted by a certified bondsperson, or by cash. This can happen within hours of being jailed, if the jail is not too crowded.

How do you find a bond broker?

You can call your attorney at Musca Law, or look in your local phone book. Oftentimes a bond agent will be located near a jail. They will meet you at the jail, before you go in, or may even come to your home.

Watch this easy-to-understand video about how bonds work.