Bonds and bail are often unfamiliar to a defendant and their friends and family. If you are suspected of a misdemeanor or a felony, and jailed, you will need to be informed about bail, in order to be released as soon as possible. As criminal and DUI defense lawyers in Florida, we would like to help clarify this process and decipher some of the terminology the courts use for bonds.

How do you find out the amount you need to put down?

Generally, you will need to provide 15% of the bond to the bail agent. So, if the bond is $5,000, you will need to provide the agent with $750.00.

How do you provide collateral for a bond?

A house, a car, jewelry or art can be used as collateral.

How do you follow the requirements of the bond broker?

Make sure you show up for your court date(s).

There are a few different types of bonds that the court can set in place. It helps to understand these different types of bail and which may apply to your situation. As always, it is advisable to contact the lawyers the law offices of Musca law for a confidential consultation.