I need to thank all of your staff for their hard work. Because of them, I have been given the chance to prove myself again. I can’t thank you enough. This firm does not work from 9 to 5. The staff made themselves available to me telephonically, through email as well as on Saturdays. Their availability and Communication was perfect. Casey Brant, the attorney who handled my case, was exceptional! He told me how your staff used the “think tank” team work approach. This put several minds to work on my case, not just 1. I am sure this is why my case turned out the way it did. The Judge, nicknamed “Madame Time” in my case saw 20 felonies, VOP, and a violent offender, and expressed in open court she did not want me back in the community. Things were looking bad for me. Then my attorney turned it all around. He definitely knows what he is doing and thinks well under pressure. I received 30 months probation. I am very impressed and happy to have the chance to prove to my community that I am a better man. Thank You John Musca Law for my second chance!