Attorney Rebecca Royer, and the staff of Musca Law, just recently gave me very good news about my case. As a result their research and their pre-trial motion to suppress, my criminal DUI charge, with a blow of 0.14, was reduced to a lesser offense, so I was able to avoid a DUI conviction! To make matters even better, the attorneys were able to negotiate withhold of adjudication on the reduced charge, which means I wasn’t even convicted of the lesser offense and I can walk away from this whole ordeal with a clean record!! I never thought, after blowing a .014, that this was even possible!! I am so glad I may now put this whole nightmare behind me and move on with my life. The Musca Law attorneys and staff have been really good to me. They have explained my case, the strengths and weaknesses, the status, and kept me informed throughout the whole process- I mean, literally, every step of the way! Hopefully, this will be my last time needing a defense attorney, but if I ever needed help again, I would not hesitate to contact Musca Law.