It is with great pleasure that the Musca Law firm represented me during this especially trying time. The state of Florida tried to suspend my driver’s license and my CDL due to an accident in September 2010. The charges filed against me included DUI with Serious Bodily Harm. I did have a passenger, my wife. However, due to the accident, neither of us remembers anything prior to the event. We do know it was uncharacteristic of us to be out at that time of day and for me to be legally intoxicated. I hired the Musca Law Firm, and with the assistance of Sherry Jones, my attorney Rebecca Sonalia was able to provide enough doubt to the DMV to fully reinstate all my driving privileges. Sherry Jones and Rebecca Sonalia have been outstanding during this time. They provided me with every detail, from the booking to the reinstatement. There has not been a single instance that I was not informed of or how to handle it. I read the testimonials prior to calling. It is why I called. It has been an honor and a pleasure being represented by Musca Law during this ordeal. Thank you.