Jensen Beach, FL (November 15, 2018) – In Jensen Beach, miles away from Fort Lauderdale, one person was arrested on drug charges. Police pulled over a vehicle with a headlight and tag lights that were no longer working on the Northwest Federal Highway at the time of the drug arrest.

A deputy smelled the odor of pot inside the vehicle, which is when he instructed the driver to get out of his vehicle. He also spoke to the passenger, who also had an open bottle of vodka at her feet. She said that she was drinking but that the pot was not hers.

The deputy discovered the pot, drug paraphernalia, and two open containers of alcohol. The driver said that the pot was not his but a pipe was found on his seat. The man was arrested.

On the way to prison, the man’s charges increased as he was making threats against the deputy the whole way there. The other person in his vehicle was also arrested on various charges.

Jensen Beach Drug Possession Laws

Jensen Beach, FL – Man Issued Drug Charges After Being Stopped on HighwayUnfortunately, Florida does not have many laws that protect the rights of those who receive possession charges across the state. Because of this, many people who are arrested for these charges could end up behind bars for a long time instead of getting treatment that they need to be able to move forward. If you have been charged with drug possession, you might find that you are now facing time in prison, financial penalties, and more. You might be on probation for over a year and have to do community service in some cases, which can make life difficult for you.

Every part of the process, from initial police questioning to the court process can be some of the most difficult experiences of your life, and something that you are not used to. Because of this, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side who will help you receive results you deserve at this time. At Musca Law, we wish to employ our successful attorneys on your case who will help ensure that your rights are protected at this time. Do not hesitate to contact us today at (888) 484-5057 for more information on how we can assist you.

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