Leon County, FL (February 5, 2019) – Police arrested 47-year-old Richard Confer after they discovered that he had sent sexually explicit messages to a 14-year-old girl in Leon County.

A complaint was made against Richard Confer, which started a month-long investigation conducted by members of the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Force. In their investigation, they found that the claims were truthful regarding the sexual messages he sent to the young teenager.

After finding messages, probable cause was warranted and a search of Confer’s home as well as his arrest took place. He was arrested at his home and taken to the St. Johns County Jail.

Now, Confer is facing five counts of transmission of harmful material to a minor and one count of online solicitation involving a minor.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office and many other departments continue their investigation at this time.

Leon County Online Solicitation of a Minor Laws 

Leon County, FL – Man Arrested for Sending Sexual Messages to 14-Year-OldFlorida crimes where children are the target are taken very seriously under Florida law and treated to an extreme degree much higher than other crimes. If you have been charged with solicitation of a minor for unlawful sex, you could be facing harsh penalties that will follow you through life. These crimes are typically seen as a second-degree felony and could lead to 15 years in prison, 15 years of probation, and a large fine. You could be facing the reality that you will have to file as a sex offender for life, which can have a huge and harsh impact on your life. It is important to know that you have many rights and a Florida sex crime attorney can help you defend against these charges.

Any crime where a child is exploited in Florida can leave you feeling frightened for your future as social relationships start to crumble, careers won’t be so easy to maintain, and you might have a difficult time finding places where you can live. These crimes can follow you through life and make it difficult to move forward with many important aspects, which is why it is imperative to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. At Musca Law, our criminal defense attorneys have handled many similar cases and are skilled at helping you bring a successful defense in your case. Contact us to find out how we can assist you at this time at (888) 484-5057.

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