Martin County, FL (March 31, 2019) - A woman in Martin County was arrested on charges related to animal cruelty.  35-year-old Patricia Smith was arrested on Tuesday, March 26th.

Smith, who resides on Southwest 175th Court in Indiantown, was officially charged with one count of tormenting, depriving, killing or mutilating an animal and two counts of abandoning or confining an animal without food, water or exercise.

Deputies with the Martin County Sheriff's Department responded to Smith's home on March 19th.  There they found two female dogs tied to a shed.  The dogs had numerous open wounds and did not have any food or water.  A third dog was found dead in the yard.

Smith was arrested and taken to the Martin County Jail under a $3,000 bond.  She later posted the bond and has been released.

Martin County Animal Cruelty Laws

An animal cruelty charge in Florida may either be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the circumstances under which you were charged.  If you have previously been convicted of an animal Martin County, FL - Woman Arrested on Animal Cruelty Chargescruelty violation then a second charge may be elevated to a more serious felony offense.  Regardless of the nature of your charge, many animal cruelty charges will likely carry jail time and probation.  Judges and prosecutors across Florida take these cases seriously and may be inclined to hand out harsh punishments to anyone convicted of abusing an animal.

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