According to a new report posted on, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested two men who were wanted in connect to a Jacksonville pawn shop armed robbery.  The men allegedly held up the Jacksonville pawn shop and robbed the store of over $100,000 in cash and jewelry.  The suspects also stole approximately 40 guns.  The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office stated that there are additional suspects wanted in the armed robbery case. 

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams reported that two suspects were arrested armed robbery at the Westside pawn shopback  in November.  The two men have been charged with kidnapping and robbery.  Tje Jacksonville Sheriff's Office stated that the men held the pawn shop's clerk at at gunpoint and would not allow the clerk to leave the scene.  The armed rober happened at the Treasure Chest Pawn, which is located off of Cassat Avenue.  The armed robber took place on November 6, 2020. 

According to the crime report, the men involved in the armed robbery took about $100,000 worth of cash and jewelry.  The theives also took 40 handguns.  The men then stole an employee’s car and left the scene of the crime. .

A tip was received at First Coast CrimeStoppers.  The tip led the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to identify, find, and arrest one of the suspects outside of Atlanta on November 20, 2020.  Detectives stated they found 26 of the 40 stolen handguns.  The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office belived that the handguns were being transported to New York. 

The second suspect was then arrested at a Westside hotel.  The suspect was involved with a standoff with law enforcement before he eventually surrendered to police.  The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office stated that there are still two unknown suspects who are still on the run and there were 14 stolen pistols that haven't been recovered.

According to Sheriff Williams, suspects wanted by police do not always leave the community after committing a crime.  The Sheriff also stated that. "This is a unique case where the individuals are career professionals and profiting off of stolen handguns.”  Sheriff Mike Williams stated that about 600 stolen guns have made it onto the streets in Jacksonville in 2020.  Most guns that are stolen, were stolen out of unlocked motor vehicles. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office worked with the ATF and the DEA on this case.