Miami Beach, FL (December 8, 2018) - A homeless man was arrested Thursday, December 7th on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment with a deadly weapon.

Authorities say that 32-year-old Dulin Nelson Eubanks was in the 7200 block of Collins Avenue around 3:30 when the alleged events took place.  Eubanks is accused is groping a female and tackling her to the ground.  He then allegedly covered her mouth to muffle her screams and threatened her with a knife.

Police say that the victim them invited Eubanks to her apartment in a clever effort to stop the attack.  As they arrived at the apartment, a good Samaritan recognized the situation and chased Eubanks away.

The victim was quick to come up with a unique tactic in order to stop the assault. She invited Eubanks over to her apartment in hopes that somebody along the way would help her.

He followed, but once they got there, a good Samaritan recognized that something was wrong and chased Eubanks away.

Police say that Eubanks was arrested approximately a month ago in Key West on similar charges.  A judge set his bond at $257,500.  He remains in police custody at this time.

Miami Beach Sex Crimes Lawyer

Miami Beach, FL - Homeless Man Accused in Sexual AssaultA Florida sex crimes charge carries many serious consequences.  A person convicted of a sexual offense in Florida faces mandatory lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines and lifetime registration on the sex offender registry in their local community.  As a convicted felon and a sex offender, the ability to live where you want to and maintain gainful employment can be severely impacted.  All areas of your life can be negatively impacted when you are facing a sex crime in Miami Beach.

When the stakes are high, you need the guidance of an experienced and reliable Miami Sex Crimes Lawyer.  An aggressive defense in a sex crimes case involves an understanding of the allegations against you and a plan to challenge the prosecutor's evidence.  At Musca Law, we will conduct our own investigation into your case and will determine the credibility of your accuser as well as take steps to move your case towards a positive resolution.

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