Miami, FL (January 12, 2019) - A Miami man faces charges of armed robbery and carjacking following a police chase and crash.  42-year-old Carlos Heriberto Escutary is accused of stealing a gray Nissan SUV from the Dadeland Mall on Friday, January 11th.

Escutary allegedly threatened the victim with a knife in the parking lot and demanded that she give him her car keys.  The victim, identified as 85-year-old Yvonne Kosidowski, complied with Escutary's demands.  Escutary then drove away from the mall before being located by City of Miami officers.

The chase continued throughout city streets as police drew their guns on Escutary.  Escutary then crashed the SUV into a parked car at Southwest Fifth Avenue and Southwest First Street.  He exited the vehicle and surrendered to police.

Escutary has been charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon, carjacking and aggravated assault on a person 65 or older.

Miami Violent Crimes Laws

Miami, FL - Carlos Heriberto Escutary Charged in Carjacking After Police Chase

In Miami, violent crimes such as robbery and carjacking can land you in prison for a long time.  These are felony charges which can carry decades of incarceration, years of probation and will result in your status as a convicted felon.  Due to the nature of these crimes, judge and prosecutors in Florida take a harsh stance on violent crimes and will often seek to impose maximum punishment in the event of a conviction.

With your future at stake, it is important to seek an experienced an aggressive Florida criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with a violent crime.  At Musca Law, we bring our experience and dedication to each case.  We are committed to ensuring that our clients are protected and that they receive the best possible outcome in their cases.

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