Lantana, FL (February 7, 2019) – An assistant basketball coach who has been identified as Michael Herbert Cohen was arrested on Wednesday for having an inappropriate relationship with a student last year in Palm Beach County when she was in the 11th grade.

26-year-old Cohen is accused of sending inappropriate messages, nude photos, and videos to the student who 17-years-old  at the time this was all taking place.  The victim was a player on the girl’s basketball team where Cohen coached. Cohen was also accused of kissing the student when driving her home after a game last year. The student, who is now 18-years-old, said that she felt shocked and awkward about the kiss.

In December 2017, Cohen texted the student saying that he wasn't able to say very much now but would tell her how he really felt when she graduated.   The student met with investigators early in the day on Wednesday and Cohen was arrested after a basketball game.

Cohen admitted to police that he had kissed the student and sent the nude photos on a social media platform they used.

The principal of the school said that Cohen will not return to their campus until a complete investigation into the matter was completed.

Palm Beach Inappropriate Relationship with a Student Laws

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