Pensacola, FL (April 24, 2019) – The Pensacola Police Department arrested a woman for three counts of child neglect when she left three children alone at home. According to authorities, the children did not have food and a neighbor was told to feed them.

The woman has since been identified as 27-year-old Crystal Dunn, who told the children to go talk to a neighbor when they were hungry so that they could have dinner. The children told police that, while Dunn was at work, nobody was at home to watch them.

Police asked the children if there was food in the home and they were able to show that there was only minimal canned food, rice, and pasta in the kitchen. The children were also dirty with dirt on their faces, hands, and arms. They were also wearing dirty clothing and, when they walked to the neighbor’s house, they did not have shoes on.

Police did not confirm what Dunn said when she was asked about leaving the children at home alone. She has since been charged with three counts of child neglect and given a bond.

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If you have been charged with child neglect in Pensacola or anywhere else in Florida, your charges should be taken seriously from the start, as the state sees crimes against children as some of those that are especially heinous. You should be informed that any type of case such as this, you could be facing extremely aggressive prosecution and might need the help of an informed and experienced Florida criminal defense attorney on your side.

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