Drug CrimeDrug crimes are taken very seriously in the state of Florida, regardless of the type of drug involved or the quantity. In fact, it has been said that Florida is one of the strictest states in the country when it comes to making arrests and prosecuting drug-related offenses. If you have been charged with the possession of a controlled substance or felony drug crime, it is important that you are aware of the consequences you could be facing. It is also vital that you understand the importance of having an attorney to represent you should you be arrested.

Understanding Controlled Substance Possession

A controlled substance is a drug which is regulated by the federal government. Having these substances in your possession may not always be illegal on its own. For example, you may have been prescribed a medication legally or have been given permission to do scientific research. However, if there is no legal reason for a person to have a controlled substance in their possession, it becomes a crime for which you can be arrested or charged. The exact charges you could face depend on the nature of the alleged offense, such as what type of controlled substance you possessed and how much. In Florida, controlled substances or CDS are placed into five categories ranging from Schedule I to Schedule V drugs. The following drugs are considered to be controlled substances:
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Illegal prescriptions
  • Other narcotics

Felony Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance

Felonies in the state of Florida are separated into three degrees. Felony possession is either charged as a felony of the third degree or the first degree, depending on the circumstances and type of controlled substance. For example, a charge of possession of more than 10 grams of a Schedule I controlled substance could lead to up to $10,000 in fines and up to 30 in prison. A Florida criminal defense attorney can defend you if you are facing charges of possession of a controlled substance or felony possession. Call Musca Law today at (888) 484-5057.