Seminole County, FL (November 27, 2018) – Last night, November 26, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reported to the scene of a stabbing where they found a man who was stabbed to death by his former roommates over a stolen PlayStation.

The incident took place around midnight at a home on South Boulevard. The victim’s name has not yet been released, but he was found by police suffering from fatal stab wounds. Police indicate that 22-year-old Jake Bilotta and 21-year-old Ian McClurg said that the roommate had just been evicted from the residence and they believed that he had returned to the home to steal a PlayStation. The two men lured the ex-roommate back into the residence when they discovered he was outside of the house and proceeded to stab him.

Bilotta admitted to stabbing the victim, while McClurg positioned himself so that the victim was unable to get away. The two worked to wrap the victim in plastic bags and, while doing so, another roommate returned to the home from a date and discovered what they had done. He fled the scene and called 911.

Bilotta and McClurg were arrested on premeditated murder charges and booked. Police continue to investigate the incident.



Seminole County Premeditated Murder Laws

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