Being arrested in Florida for driving under the influence can have a serious impact on your life. Not only can a conviction leave you with a permanent criminal record, but it can prevent you from working in certain careers and locations. A DUI conviction can have an array of serious legal consequences that truly devastate and interrupt the lives of those convicted.

When a person is arrested for their first DUI charge, they usually face a standard sentence associated with a misdemeanor conviction. If you were driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and there is strong evidence to support the claim – an elevated blood alcohol content level, witnesses testifying to your erratic driving, or even failing a field sobriety test – some people choose to simply plead guilty and face the plethora of legal consequences. It may seem like there is nothing a DUI defense attorney can do to help you.

It is crucial to recognize that there are many facts in a DUI case that may increase your penalty and various aspects that can result in a lesser sentence. Working with an aggressive defense attorney in Florida will help you recognize the various factors of your case to ensure an adequate plan of action is in place.

Deciding Whether A Plea Bargain Is A Good Idea For Your Case

If you have any doubt about your case, you may consider taking a plea bargain. Plea bargains are legal agreements in which you, as the offender, agree to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge from the prosecution. There are various factors that create doubt about the justification of your arrest. Some of these factors include:

  • Whether the field sobriety test results are questionable;
  • Whether the BAC was below 0.8% at the time of the arrest;
  • Questions surrounding the accuracy and reliability of the BAC test results; and
  • Other procedural problems related to your arrest.

Offenders who are not read their Miranda rights, for example, may be able to have their charges thrown out or reduced by working with a qualified and knowledgeable DUI defense attorney in Florida. Defense attorneys who work locally have a thorough understanding of how the prosecutor works. This better enables these legal professionals to establish a sound argument that will help you lessen the sentence for your DUI.

Although you can win a plea bargain for your case on your own, working with a Florida criminal defense attorney will provide you a better chance of success when your case is not as clear.

Getting A Reduced Sentence From Your Conviction

In courtrooms across Florida, judges have a wide discretion in handing down punishments for criminal offenders. This is especially true for individuals facing their first DUI offense. Sentencing bargaining may help you get a lesser sentence for your conviction. Unfortunately, just because a judge has discretion in establishing punishment for an offender, there is no guarantee that they will actually use it for your case.

A lot of judges deal with numerous DUI offenders each day. This prevents them from looking over many of the details pertaining to each particular case. For this reason, a lot of judges stick to standard sentences for nearly all DUI first offenders who pass through their courtrooms. If there is a judge in your jurisdiction who does regularly accept sentence bargains, an experienced DUI defense attorney is most likely to know what legal facts are more likely to help you obtain a more successful outcome for your case.

When There Are Aggravating Circumstances Surrounding Your Case

There are various factors that can have a profoundly negative impact on your sentence. Cases where individuals are driving under the influence with small children in their vehicles, instances where offenders cause accidents and injuries to others, or instances where offenders have extremely high BAC levels at the time of their arrest are more likely to face felony criminal charges for their cases.

These are serious factors that can lead to extended prison sentences, increased fines, and various other negative consequences above a standard fire-time DUI offense. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable Florida criminal defense attorney can help you reduce your plea or sentence.

When You Are Going To Trial For A DUI Offense

Representing yourself for a plea or sentence bargaining is particularly challenging. If your case goes to trial, you will want to consider hiring a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to help you. There are extremely complicated procedures and processes related to going to trial. Quite often, these are far more complex than bargaining procedures. Offenders who attempt to go to trial alone are expected to know and fully follow all of the procedures correctly. Judges will not give offenders any breaks simply because they have not hired adequate legal representation.

Not only can hiring a Florida criminal defense attorney ensure your trial goes accordingly, but they are able to provide you advice for your case based on specific information pertaining to you. A lot of attorneys in Florida will help you by evaluating your case and advising you on how to proceed. Speaking with a reputable and knowledgeable attorney will ensure you are best-equipped to provide an exceptional legal defense argument to help lessen or dismiss your charges.

A DUI Criminal Defense Attorney In Florida Can Help You

If you were arrested for your first DUI offense in Florida, it is crucial for you to not go at it alone. Dealing with the complicated legal process is something best left to the professionals. At Musca Law, we help clients by providing aggressive and knowledgeable representation to help them have their charges dismissed or reduced whenever possible. Contact our law firm today at (888) 484-5057 to schedule a free case evaluation at your earliest convenience.