St. Petersburg, FL (March 1, 2019) – Police say that a woman in St. Petersburg is now facing child neglect charges after leaving a 3-year-old boy home alone, naked, and covered in feces. Police believe that the child might have been eating the feces before they discovered him.

28-year-old Charlotte Amber Esper left the child alone to go grocery shopping. The landlord discovered that the child was home alone and let police into the home, where they found the child in an office space. The entrance to the area was secured with a gate. There were many items all over the floor, including clothing, toys, used containers, soiled diapers, and trash. The walls were smeared with feces.

Police say that, when they found the child, he was nude and had dried feces all over his body. By the time Esper arrived home about an hour later, a child protective services officer was at the scene as well.

Esper admitted that she neglected the boy and said that she was in the process of releasing custody of the child to an adoption agency.

Esper was arrested on one count of neglect of a child.

St. Petersburg Child Neglect Laws 

St. Petersburg, FL – Woman Facing Child Neglect Charges After IncidentIn Florida, any crimes taking place against children are seen as especially heinous, and this is true when harm has been caused to a child. Child neglect charges require the prosecution to show that a caregiver failed to provide necessary care or supervision to a child. If a child is not cared for on both physical or mental levels, these charges will almost assuredly lead to a conviction. Child neglect is also charged as a felony under Florida law, which means that you could be facing the reality of time in jail, a variety of fines, and a social impact that could make it difficult for you to obtain certain career options or retain custody of your child.

Because we understand how difficult it can be to face the reality that you might have your custody terminated or you might never return to your normal life after these charges, it is imperative to have an attorney on your side who is skilled in handling these types of cases and helping you through this difficult battle. We want to be there for you in your time of need and avoid the worst impacts of these charges. By helping you understand the prevalent steps of the criminal justice system and building your defense, we can help you become successful in your defense. Contact us to find out how we can assist you at Musca Law at (888) 484-5057.