Sunrise, FL (November 15, 2018) – In South Florida, a man was arrested for trying to abduct a young girl in Sunrise. Police believe he might be connected to other abduction incidents.

The man who was arrested has been identified as 26-year-old Jesus Condom. A seventh grader helped police make an arrest on Wednesday, November 15, regarding the suspect. The seventh grader told police that she was scared that Jesus was going to hurt her so she turned around and ran for her life. At the time, she had been walking on the sidewalk on Northwest 44th Street toward her school. She ran back to Nob Hill Road where she was able to frantically tell a crossing guard what happened.

Jesus was taken into custody at Northwest 44th Street and University Drive. His description has also been linked to an event where a man tried to abduct three children on November 7 when they were walking to an elementary school.

Sunrise Abduction Crime Laws 

Sunrise, FL – Man Arrested for Trying to Abduct a Young GirlFlorida has a vast amount of laws that dictate events of kidnapping and how serious they are on our roads. Kidnapping takes place when somebody either attempts or succeeds to confine, abduct, or imprison somebody against their will. These crimes can either be a normal charge or an aggravating charge depending on how violent they are when they take place. You could be facing many years in prison if your charges stick regarding these serious crimes.

Crimes against children are some of the harshest crimes that occur across all of Florida, including the Fort Lauderdale area. You want to receive successful results in your case so that you aren’t trapped behind bars for many years to come or facing severe penalties like fines, community service, or probation that is long-lasting in nature. At Musca Law, we help our clients receive the individual attention they deserve within their case and commit ourselves to helping you bring a defense when it matters the most. Contact us to speak with an experienced professional today at (888) 484-5057.

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