If you were charged with a DUI in Florida, you might be wondering what comes next. One good idea is to talk to your potential DUI lawyer about what might happen during your case. If you find a Florida lawyer with experience, he or she could tell you what is typical for your case, including if you will have jail time, fines or other punishments, if you are convicted.

Important Questions

When talking to your lawyer, you should communicate your goals and expectations for your case. Ask your lawyer what type of law he or she practices, and if he or she has handled cases like yours before. Ask how many DUI cases your lawyer has handled and if he or she has always worked in Florida DUI law. You might ask if he or she has seen a similar case to yours, in the past year. Your lawyer could provide you with an overview of that similar case, including how he or she handled it. This is a valuable question, because you can walk through the trial process and find out an outcome from a similar case to yours.