Tallahassee, FL (January 11, 2019) – One man was arrested on child abuse charges including two counts of aggravated battery on a child after he whipped a teenage girl when she was complaining about having to do chores.

The incident happened when 29-year-old Tavaris Nolen beat a 15-year-old girl with a dog leash after she said that she no longer wanted to wash dishes. The girl said that the adults should also have to complete this chore.

Nolen hit her, which is when she got into the bathtub to soak her legs and then changed into pajamas. The victim said that, several hours later, Nolen came into her room and forced her to remove her clothing, which is when he beat her with the same leash again.

Nolen sat on the teen’s chest and whipped her until an adult came into the room and told the suspect that he should stop, as the girl wouldn’t be able to go to school with visible abuse marks on her legs.

Deputies found that the girl had belt marks all over her body, including her arms, legs, and buttocks. Nolen was since arrested.

Tallahassee Aggravated Battery on a Child Laws

Tallahassee, FL – Man Whips Teenager After Complaints Over ChoresAccusations of child abuse are extremely serious. You might not only be facing criminal penalties, but you could also face the reality that you could lose custody of your child or receive an order of protection issued against you in regards to contacting your child. Your reputation, job, and relationships might be at risk as well, which means that one of these charges could impact you for the rest of your life. Because child abuse charges are seen as extremely violent in the eyes of the court and you could be facing severe penalties, you will need a dedicated attorney who is there for you every step of the way when it comes to various aspects of the criminal justice system.

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