Tallahassee, Florida – a news report posted on wctv.tv reports that the Tallahassee Police Department has responded to public outrage concerning a video that has been circulating online and across social media that shows the Tallahassee Police Department officer allegedly striking an individual several times with a baton during the man's arrest. According to the news report, an eight-second video was captured by a motorist who was passing by the incident and then was posted on Facebook last Sunday night. The video allegedly shows three Tallahassee Police officers surrounding a person on the ground in front of a T-Mobile retail store off W. Tallahassee Street in Tallahassee, Florida.

In the video it appears that Tallahassee Police officers were trying to pin the suspect to the ground. Then a third officer, standing by side the other officers, appears to be striking the person at least three times in the legs. A loud crack sound is heard with every strike on the suspect's leg.

When the Tallahassee police officers just heard on the video screaming, "Stop resisting! Get down! Stop resisting," the suspect struggles with the officers. 

According to Tallahassee Police Department, officers received a call at approximately 9:30 PM on Sunday evening about someone driving a radically. The responding Tallahassee police department officers found the vehicle, which was stopped at the intersection of hi Road and W. Tennessee St. Cording to the report, the officers discover the driver seat behind the wheel of his vehicle. The lawn Forssman officers then pulled the suspect out of his motor vehicle, and the Tallahassee police officers began his field sobriety test on the suspect. After the officers finished with this field sobriety test, the officers determined that the driver had been driving while over the legal limit of alcohol.

The Tampa Police Department stated that the suspect then resisted arrest. The suspect then allegedly grabbed one of the law enforcement officer's arms and vest. Another Tampa police department officer then allegedly showed up to help the other officers. The suspect refused to give his other arm to lawn Forssman officers in order to avoid being handcuffed. According to chief Deputy Maurice Holmes, the third Tampa Police Department officer with a baton then arrived at the scene and struck the man three times. It was at this point the suspect gave his other arm to lawn Forssman officers and then was arrested.

The 26-year-old suspect faces criminal charges of driving under the influence and resisting arrest with violence.

According to the Tallahassee Police Department, the three officers would not be disciplined as they did not violate the department's policy. The Tallahassee Police Department stated that they would present the video of the officers to a police advisory Council and citizens review board for further evaluation. The Tallahassee Police Department stated that based on what they had seen in the video, the officers perform their duties in accordance with the department's force policy.

According to the Tampa police department's force policy, batons can be used in order to gain compliance when a suspect is resisting arrest.

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