I'm a Registered Nurse. During Easter week of March, 2013, I was stopped, arrested, and confined for my 2nd DUI. With my nursing and driver's licenses at stake, I began looking online for lawyers and information on how I could protect my professional license and ability to drive. On Easter Sunday, of all days, I was able to make immediate contact with John Musca of Musca Law. I was beyond believing anyone could help me, but he assured me he had, what he believed to be, the best DUI lawyers in the state who could. I was impressed by his confidence and reassurance that all was not lost, and equally impressed he was so available to me on a holiday. Immediately, they obtained for me a permit to drive, even though my DUI ticket said I was NOT eligible for a permit! I was then able to drive and tend to my patients needs while they worked on reinstating my full driver's license. Then, within 4 weeks on me contacting them, I received notice my Driver's License had been fully reinstated on account of a tactical decision not to subpoena a certain witness at the DMV hearing! Now I can drive, and practice my trade without compromise. Trust me, these people are worth every dime! They have a system of attorneys who are experts in the field working together and they get things done! Personally, I believe in divine intervention and Mr Musca and his team have been that intervention for me. Hallelujuh! And thank You, with all my heart and soul!