Volusia County, FL (March 10, 2019) - Police in Volusia County have announced the arrests of three individuals in connection with the shooting of a 19-year-old in Deland.

Police say that 19-year-old Nicholas Millar was test-driving a motor scooter when three suspects riding in a Chevy TrailBlazer confronted him. One of the three produced a gun and shot Millar. Millar then ran towards his home, alerting his stepfather, who called 911. Rescue workers arrived on scene and airlifted Millar to Halifax Health Medical Center, where a bullet was removed from his neck.

Police later arrested 15-year-old Martin Perry, whom they believe was the shooter, along with 17-year-old Damion Dupree and 18-year-old Nicholas Brown. Brown was charged with being a principal to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The other charges were not available because the suspects are juveniles.

Volusia County Violent Crime Laws

A Florida violent crime such as aggravated battery can land you in serious trouble. You could be facing a permanent felony record, not to mention the potential of years in prison or a lengthy term of Volusia County, FL - Police Arrest Three in Shooting of Teenagerprobation. In Volusia County, judges and prosecutors are likely to take a hard line approach to violent crimes, especially those that are committed using deadly weapons, such as guns or knives.

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