Social media is becoming more and more popular with the rise of technology. It is not unusual for people to communicate via private message on Facebook or leave a comment for someone on Instagram. People will like photos and videos, and if they are liked enough, they may even share them. Sometimes these are videos of funny things they have done or something amazing they have seen. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a crime that they are live streaming. These people sometimes may even forget that they are live streaming in the first place.

What happens if you live stream a crime on social media? 

Live streaming happens when one uses a device that has the internet, such as a smartphone, to broadcast in real time an event that is happening. If a person has viewing access to your account, such as friends of yours on Facebook, they are able to watch the live stream. 

Sure, live streaming can help catch someone who is guilty of murder. Sometimes live streaming videos can capture moments that start out innocent, but quickly turn into something else. That was the case for Ryan Greenlee, who went into a Florida Walgreens to buy beef jerky but ended up coming out in handcuffs. 

Ryan’s Live Stream In Orlando, Florida

Ryan Greenlee walked into a Florida Walgreens as he was live streaming on his Facebook one May night. He did not have enough cash to make his purchase, so he was asked to leave the premises after which, he became belligerent

Greenlee then started tossing items around the store. He picked up a box and when he threw it, the box hit an infant in the head. While he was acting out in this way, he was still live streaming on his phone. 

Mr. Greenlee was arrested on six different counts, one of which included child abuse. He also resisted arrest without violence and battered a law enforcement officer. Because he had a very violent outburst and exhibited behavior that was aggressive, he is being held in the healthcare wing of the jail. 

Live Stream Only What You Really Want on Tape

Your actions speak for themselves in every situation, especially when it’s being recorded. That is why it is imperative that if you are live streaming, you know are aware that you are recording and broadcasting. Even if it is an everyday activity, such as walking your dog or buying groceries, you never know what can occur. Always be on your best behavior when live streaming so nothing can be used against you. 

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