gun Being accused of a weapons charge in the state of Florida is very serious. It generally involves the use or possession of weapons. Thousands of people each year are charged with offenses related to weapons in Florida. Unfortunately, these charges only increase with time. If you have been arrested for a weapons charge, it's important to understand the law and to get the help of a skilled attorney.

What is a Weapons Charge?

A weapons charge can include a number of specific crimes regarding a weapon. The most common include:

  • Possession of an Illegal Firearm: This is a very serious offense that can carry different consequences depending on the circumstances. In Florida, individuals who cannot possess a weapon are: minors under 16, unless the gun isn't loaded and is at home under the supervision of the minor's parents; any convicted felon who hasn't yet had their civil rights restored; anyone who is a vagrant, drug addict, or who is mentally incompetent; a person who is subject to an active domestic violence charge or injunction. These charges can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances.
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Technically, this offense is also known as "aggravated assault." However, it involves the assault being done while the individual is brandishing a weapon. The charge would be a third-degree felony.
  • Possession of a Stolen Firearm: In Florida, this charge is a combination of two different offenses; possession of stolen property and possession of an illegal firearm. At the minimum, it can be considered a third-degree felony and at the maximum a first-degree felony.
  • Concealed Weapons Charges: To legally carry a concealed weapon in Florida, you must have a legal license. Otherwise, carrying a concealed weapon is a third-degree felony.

What to Do After a Weapons Charge

Weapons charges in Florida are very serious. There are strict federal laws in place for selling and possessing weapons. If a merchant illegally sells a gun or other weapon, it can result in their license being revoked. Individuals who illegally sell weapons while unlicensed can also face felony charges. There are even stricter penalties for trafficking weapons.

If you have received a weapons charge, it's important to hire a Florida criminal defense attorney. Our team at Musca Law can work to defend you against the charges of illegal possession of a weapon, for a concealed weapons charge, and even assault with a deadly weapon. Having an attorney on your side is your best chance of having the charges against you reduced or even dropped altogether.

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