Criminal LawWhen you are arrested or convicted of any crime, the information about your arrest or conviction goes onto your criminal record. Regardless of whether you serve time, this means that your history will become a matter of public record which can be accessed by anyone.

If you are having difficulty dealing with the aftermath of your criminal offense, you may want to consider expungement, which can benefit you in a number of different ways. Expungement is essentially the sealing of your record, which prevents your criminal record or court history from being public information. It will also prevent your criminal history from coming up in background checks and searches.

Circumstances Which Allow for Expungement

Because not every crime is the same, expungement is not available under all circumstances. There are a number of different offenses which are eligible, while others are not. For example, certain crimes against children cannot be expunged, as well as certain sex crimes, violent crimes like murder or homicide, and certain theft crimes.

The qualifying factors for expungement include:

  • You cannot be under probation or court supervision
  • You cannot have had an expungement before
  • You cannot have had a prior conviction
  • You cannot have been arrested / convicted of a dangerous crime

Benefits of Record Expungement in Florida

Even if you fulfill your civil and legal obligations, the past can stick around and haunt you, preventing you from getting a job, renting certain properties, getting a loan, or even maintaining your personal relationships. Once you expunge your record, you may have better chances of keeping your job, obtaining employment in the future, and even keeping professional licenses.

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