Winter Haven, FL (December 6, 2018) – On Tuesday, December 4, a Central Florida middle school teacher was arrested on DUI charges after he crashed his vehicle causing property damage in Polk County.

Police reports indicate that that 29-year-old Dyrren Barber had a BAC level that was over three times the legal limit at the time of this incident.  Dyrren Barber was driving in the area of Cypress Gardens Blvd at 8:00 pm when reports started coming in to 911 about an erratic driver.  It was at that time that Barber crashed into a Nissan that was driving along on Cypress Gardens Blvd close to Helena Rd.  Witnesses said the driver fled the scene immediately following the crash.

As he attempted to leave the scene of that accident, Barber seemed to lose control of his Ford pickup truck and hit a telephone pole.  His truck continued on and barrelled through a gate and ended up crashing into a water main.

Deputies arrived on scene a few moments later and discovered that no one, not even Barber,  was injured as a result of this accident. They did, however, smell alcohol on Barber and noticed that he was intoxicated. Barber showed signs of impairment as deputies conducted the field sobriety tests.

Barber was arrested and taken to jail.

Winter Haven DUI Laws 

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