If you received your second DUI in the state of Florida, there is a different set of penalties you could face. As for fines, you can expect $500-$1000. For a BAC of over .20, you could receive a $1000 to $2000 fine. You can also expect a higher fine if you had a minor in your vehicle.

Other Penalties

Because this isn't your first indiscretion, expect that the judge will want you to learn your lesson this time around. Your other penalties will reflect this sentiment. Florida law allows up to nine months in jail time for second time offenders, and up to twelve months if you had a minor in your car. If it's your second DUI in five years, you can expect your vehicle will be impounded for thirty days. Also, your driver's license will be revoked for a six-month minimum. Read more on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for more information.