Yulee, FL (November 27, 2018) – A 36-year-old man from Florida has been charged with stabbing a woman with a fork because she made him an undercooked potato.

The man was identified by police as Kenneth Crumpton, who was arrested yesterday, November 26, and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The victim spoke with police and told them that Crumpton stabbed her in the head and threw the fork at her after she served him an undercooked potato.

The victim had multiple stab wounds and blood on her head when police came to her. She told police that she didn’t need treatment. Crumpton was immediately arrested.



Yulee Aggravated Battery Laws

Yulee, FL – Florida Man Accused of Stabbing Woman Over Undercooked PotatoIf you have been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, you could be facing serious penalties under Florida law. Typically, a kitchen utensil is not seen as a deadly weapon until you use it as such to inflict injuries on another individual. If the prosecutor in your case is able to make a good statement against you in court, you could be facing sentences of up to 25 years, especially when there are violent and aggravating factors present.

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