Client Charged with 4TH DUI after Hostile Arrest with Police


The Charges

Officers responded to Applebee’s Restaurant in reference to a disturbance by an impaired individual. Contact was made with staff when the officer was advised that a female was causing a disturbance at the restaurant, but was getting ready to leave. Our client proceeded towards the door when the officers observed that she appeared impaired. After leaving the building and allegedly staggering to her car, she proceeded to enter the vehicle on the driver’s side and drove out of the parking lot. Officers proceeded to follow behind her, where they conducted a traffic stop. Officers requested that she take field sobriety exercises and a breath test. Our client refused. She was then asked if she was carrying a weapon, where she responded; “I have a firearm on me right now”. At that point a DUI arrest was made where our client was allegedly hostile, and uttered curse words at the officer.

DUI Arrest in Florida

When an individual is arrested in Florida for a DUI (driving under the influence) charge, they will be asked to take a breath test. You do have the right to refuse a test if you desire to do so. However, if you do refuse to take the test, you will be immediately penalized. This includes an automatic driver’s license suspension. If you are later found guilty of a DUI in court, more time will be added to this driver’s license suspension. 

There are many more penalties and consequences of getting a DUI in the state of Florida. Many people do not realize that their car insurance can be raised quite substantially. And if you have the likelihood of getting several DUIs, an insurance company has the right to drop you as a customer. 

Do not forget about the consequences that could arise from your employer. Some companies are not allowed to hire anyone with a DUI, and others do not want to. Nor do they have to. Colleges can also have this train of thought, especially if you have more than one DUI or criminal charge. You may not also be able to apply for financial aid if you have any type of criminal charge. There are also different types of employment that may require you to report any criminal charges that are on your record. This will often include jobs such as a plumber or electrician. The agencies that are in charge of this may still let the offender keep the license, but if the DUI is not reported, they may revoke the license. 

Obtaining A Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you need to find legal representation immediately. Musca Law has handled many DUI cases and wants to fight for you. Not only do we offer a free initial consultation, but we also have a line of defenses that might fit well into your case. Call Musca Law today to learn more. 

RESULT: After diligent negations, our client received probation with minimal fines and NO JAIL or PRISON SENTENCE.