Driver Found with Marijuana in his System Passed Out Behind Wheel & Crashed

All Charges DROPPED!

The Charges

A Driver was involved in a single-car accident with a toll plaza. Medics arrived and had to restrain the Driver because he was combative. The ambulance took the Driver to the hospital for an examination. The hospital determined the Driver had diabetes and used an insulin pump. The hospital also found marijuana in the Driver’s system. The Police charged the Driver with DUI and DUI with Property Damage.

Obtaining Expert Testimony

In order to obtain an expert to testify in your case, the expert must qualify to be labeled as an expert. Anyone that is not an expert is just a “lay opinion,” which will only be admissible in court if the opinion is rationally based on perception and is helpful to the trier of the fact. The main reason for obtaining expert testimony in a case is because both judges and lawyers often lack adequate scientific backgrounds to argue the subject in question. 

When expert testimony is called upon, the expert will serve two purposes. First, they will be the scientific foundation for the content of the case, which means that they will collect any data, test and evaluate evidence, and subsequently form an informed opinion based on this evidence. Secondly, they will provide the forensic function to the case. The expert will give their opinion to the judge and the court.

Categories of Expert Witnesses

There are five different categories of expert witnesses. Above, we mentioned “lay opinions.” These witnesses use their common sense and life experiences to testify in court. 

The second type is a technician or examiner. These individuals have either worked or taught in the system. They apply known techniques to the case. 

Next, there are practitioners. These individuals use not only materials but also information analysis and interpretation of the case at hand.

A specialist is devoted solely to one area of practice.  

A scientist will conduct experiments, then verify the validity of their theory. They apply techniques after designing and creating instrumentation.  

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RESULT: The Defense obtained expert testimony on the Driver’s diabetic condition. The Doctor testified that the Client’s combative state was due to diabetic shock, and a hypoglycemic event caused the Driver to pass out prior to the crash. The Defense presented the details of the case to the Prosecution, and the State agreed to DROP all charges against the Client.