Florida Angler Charged with Serious Fishing Violations


A Florida Marine Patrol Officer stopped an angler fishing on his boat. The Officer searched the vessel and seized undersized fish that were also over the bag limit as permitted by law. The Officer arrested and charged the Defendant with Possession of Undersized Gag Groupers, Fishing Over the Bag Limit & Possession of Undersized Mangrove Snappers.

Fishing Charges in Florida

In Florida, there is a daily bag limit when fishing. This typically runs from midnight to midnight. Once a fisherman has caught this set number, they may not fish for any more to keep until the next day. There is an exception to this rule, which states that fishermen could possess two times the legal daily limit on certain fish when they are fishing on a trip in a charter boat or a from a headboat that will last for more than 24 hours. The boat must be a vessel that has sleeping quarters for each fisherman aboard the vessel and each fisherman must have a receipt stating the length of the trip. Fish that are included in this are red groupers, black sea bass, hogfish, amber jacks, and red, gray, cubera, and Atlantic Vermillion snappers.

Generally, those receiving any fishing charges in Florida will be a level 2 Florida Fishery and Wildlife Violation. Under this section, there are 31 violations that relate to the size limits of the fish, the time periods that fish can be taken, and more. These charges are considered a second-degree misdemeanor and will be punished by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine as long as the individual has not committed a level 2 or higher violation within the past 3 years.

Obtaining Legal Services From Musca Law Firm

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RESULT: The Defendant faced serious charges for his crimes against the environment. The Defendant asked Musca Law Firm to resolve the charges against him. The Defense Attorney entered into intense negotiations with the Prosecution over the details of the Client’s case. The Defense convinced the Prosecution to DROP the charge of Possession of Undersized Mangrove Snapper. The Defense hammered out a deal for the State to DISMISS the charges of Possession of Undersized Gag Groupers and Fishing Over Bag Limit. The Defense Attorney successfully arranged for the Client to plea to a lesser charge. The Client is now eligible to have his records sealed.