Florida Tourist Arrested for Dui; Breath Test Results Double the Legal Limit

Dui Charge Dismissed!

The Charges

The defendant was stopped for weaving between lanes and asked to perform field sobriety tests. The defendant took a breath test with results of .158% and .168%. Police arrested the Defendant and charged her with DUI, as well as a citation for Failure to Maintain a Single Lane.

DUI Charges in Florida

A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge has many penalties associated with it in Florida. There are many factors that determine what penalties you receive for a DUI charge, including the following:

  • How many prior DUI offenses have you had?
  • What was your breath or blood alcohol level?
  • What was the length of time that has elapsed between your offenses?
  • Was a person injured or killed?
  • Was there property damage?

If this was your first-time offense for DUI, you will face a maximum sentence of six months in jail. If you blow higher than .15%, you may have a maximum sentence of nine months. 

For a first-time offense, you will receive fines of $500. Those who have blown over .15% will have a fine of $1,000. If there was a child under the age of 18 in the car, the fine will also be $1,000.

You will also be sentenced to 12 months of probation. You will be responsible for a monthly probation fee as well. Community service will be a requirement. Fifty hours is what will be expected.  

It is mandated that you attend DUI schooling for a first-time offense. During this schooling, there will be a substance abuse evaluation. Here it will be determined if you have an issue with drugs or alcohol. All of these courses will be paid for by the offender. 

The offender's car will also be impounded for ten days. If at the time of sentencing you do not own a car but purchase one after your DUI, your car will be impounded for ten days while you are on probation. Anyone who has a blood alcohol content of .15% or higher may have to have an ignition device placed on their car. There is an installation fee and monthly fee that will both be paid for by the offender.

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RESULT: The Musca Law Defense Attorney negotiated with the State Attorney’s Office and the State agreed to dismiss the DUI. The Defendant pled to a lesser charge and the Failure to Maintain a Single Lane was DISMISSED.