Illegal Driver Arrested on Warrant and License Expired for more than Four Years


The Charges

Officers stopped an illegal driver for a traffic infraction and discovered that his license had expired over four months ago. The driver failed to appear at his scheduled court date and the State issued a warrant for Failure to Appear. The Defendant faced charges of possessing a four-month-old expired license and arrest warrant for failing to appear in Court.

Motion to Quash

During a motion to quash the case, the court will receive a request to have a previous decision made by the court nulled. It could be filed if there was a mistake made or if the attorney felt that the process was not done legally. 

Expired Driver’s License in Florida

Driving with an expired driver’s license is a serious matter. The offender will be charged with a criminal offense. You will get a ticket for it, and be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. You will have to appear in court, for which you will receive a notice. You are expected to show up or you could end up with more legal trouble. 

If you are found to be guilty of driving without a driver’s license, you will have fines of up to $500 and could spend up to 60 days in jail. 

If you are charged with a second offense of this, you will be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor. A third charge will result in a third-degree felony.  

The vehicle that you are driving will also be impounded. Whoever owns the car will have to pay stiff fees in order to get the car out of impoundment. If the car is not picked up within 35 days, a lien will be put on it. 

Anyone who lets their driver’s license expire for 6 months or more will be fined up to 60 days of probation, along with the other fines listed above. 

If you were pulled over, but do not have your driver’s license on you, but really do have a valid on, you can bring your license into the clerk of the court.  For a $5 fee, you can have the case dismissed. 

Musca Law Firm Services 

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RESULT: The Musca Law Defense Attorney immediately filed a Motion to Quash the warrant on the client’s behalf. The Attorney prevailed with the warrant being dismissed by the Court and no driver’s license consequences.