Man Charged with Theft at Jc Penny

Charges Dropped
Police were contacted by the Loss Prevention officer at JC Penney after Loss Prevention observed our client enter the fragrance department and select perfume that was valued at $70.00. He then slipped the perfume behind the shirts that he was holding up to his chest and proceeded towards the fitting rooms. The fitting rooms had been recently cleared of all merchandise and trash prior to our Client entering the area. When our client left the fitting rooms there had been no sign of the perfume, only the shirts that he had held to his chest. Our client proceeded to the checkout counter where he made a small purchase, then left the store. Loss Prevention followed him out of the store and requested that he come back into the store where he was searched. During the search, the perfume had been found in the right pocket of our client’s jacket. Our client was taken into custody and transported to the County Jail. RESULT: After negotiations with the States Attorney and successfully completing the diversion program, the charges against our client were DROPPED!