Officers Arrest Client after Passing Out Behind the Wheel of his Running Car


The Charges

Bank employees contacted police after a suspicious vehicle with a sleeping driver was parked in their parking lot. Officers smelled alcohol on the suspect and requested he participate in field sobriety testing. The cops reported that the driver failed testing and blew .116% & .109% breathalyzer test. Officers arrested the defendant and charged him with DUI.

DUI Charges in Florida

DUI, also known as driving under the influence, is impairment of normal faculties due to an unlawful blood-alcohol level above .08%. Penalties for a first DUI offense include fines of between $500 and $2,000. If your blood alcohol level is .15% or greater, or you have a minor in the car with you, your fines will be doubled ($1,000 to $4,000).

You could also face imprisonment. For a first conviction, it will be no more than 6 months unless your blood alcohol level is .15% or greater. If that is the case, you will not receive any more than 9 months in jail. 

A first-time offender will also be mandated to do 50 hours of community service. Some judges will allow people to pay off community service hours at a rate of $10 per hour.  

It will be a judge’s decision if an ignition interlock device is placed in the car. And the driver’s car will be impounded for 10 days.  

You will also lose your driver’s license from 180 days to one year. You will need to take a DUI class and receive treatment in order to obtain a hardship license. There are fees to obtain your license, whether it be a hardship or a full license. You will be required to pay an administrative fee, which is currently $115 and a reinstatement fee of $60.  

Any DUI schooling or treatment will be paid for by the defendant. These courses can be rather expensive. If treatment is recommended, such as substance abuse, you will need to complete this as well.  

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RESULT: The Musca Law Defense Attorney argued that the Client did not violate the law besides illegally parking in a parking lot. The Defense referenced case law to the Prosecution that the evidence was subject to suppression. The State agreed and declined to prosecute the case, resulting in a DISMISSAL of all charges!