Officers Arrest Driver Passed Out at the Beach; Charged with DUI


The Charges

Officers initiated a stop on a driver illegally parked at the beach in the wee hours of the morning. The police started a DUI investigation, requested field sobriety testing, and the driver refused breath testing. The officers arrested the defendant on charges of DUI.

DUI Convictions

If you have been convicted of a DUI in Florida, it can be a scary time. There are consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your life. If you refuse to take the field sobriety tests or the breath test, you will automatically lose your driver’s license. This will be for a period of 180 days to one year. 

And then there are financial fines. The minimum fines for a first conviction are $500 and go up to $1,000. You will have probation, and possibly spend up to 6 months in jail. And your car will be impounded for 10 days. 

The court mandates that you do community service for 50 hours.  This can often be bought off at a rate of $10 per hour.  

You will also have to take DUI schooling. This will be paid for by yourself. It can be very expensive to take. You will also have to have an evaluation done and any treatment they recommend must be completed. This will need to be paid for by yourself as well. 

Typically, you will not have to have an ignition interlock device installed for your first offense, but a judge could rule that it is needed. If you do need one, it will be at your expense. 

If you have a job where you drive a vehicle, you may lose that as well. 

If your blood alcohol content level is .15% or higher or you have a minor in the car with you at the time you are pulled over, you can expect higher penalties. The fines will be doubled, meaning you will owe $1,000 to $2,000 in fines. You could also spend up to 9 months in jail for this.  

Musca Law - Your DUI Attorney

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RESULT: The Musca Law Defense Attorney filed a motion to dismiss the charges based on the lack of evidence on the Client’s driving pattern, breath result, or video of field sobriety testing. The State offered a charge reduction in lieu of moving forward with the hearing on the motion. The Client chose to accept the plea deal resulting in NO DUI CONVICTION!