Outraged Florida Tourist Arrested for Refusing to Sign Citation

No Conviction!

The Charges

While vacationing in Florida, police pulled the defendant over because his tag was not visible and issued a citation for the violation. The defendant, outraged over the incident, refused to sign the citation. Police informed him he would be arrested if he refused to sign it. The defendant still refused to sign the citation and was arrested.

Refusing to Sign a Citation

Under Florida law, if you refuse to sign a traffic citation, you will be charged with a misdemeanor of the second degree.  

Citations are an alternative to jail time. They are issued to save local money, as well as free up room in the over-crowding jail system. Low-risk individuals are given citations instead of detention. 

Signing a traffic ticket does not admit guilt. It just means that you have received the ticket. Signing or not signing a ticket will not help your case in any way. If you do not sign the citation though, you can be arrested. 

Even if you are from another state and are pulled over in Florida, you must comply with the rules that Florida has set forth. You will still have to pay for fines and penalties that are associated with the ticket. 

Plea in Absentia

A plea in absentia can be used by individuals from other states that will not make it to a court hearing. Individual lawyers may represent them in court. Once the court has made a decision regarding the case, you will be informed of any penalties or fees that are associated with it. 

The plea in absentia will have your name on it, as well as your address, date of birth, and contact number. It will acknowledge that you are accused of the crime or traffic charges, and will list the citation number. It will also state how you plead for it.  

Musca Law Firm

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RESULT: The Musca Law Defense Attorney filed a Plea in Absentia on behalf of our Client, and there was no conviction/no finding of guilt. Our Client’s case was resolved without the need for him to travel back to Florida to appear in Court.