Stopped for Driving below the Speed Limit Results in Dui Arrest

Aggressive Dui Defense Results in No Conviction & No License Suspension!
Our Client, driving home from a late night gathering, was traveling 45mph in a 55mph zone and stopped by Police. Upon conducting a traffic stop, Police noticed slurred speech and glassy eyes. The driver agreed to perform sobriety testing and gave two breath samples above the legal limit. The Defendant was arrested and charged with DUI. RESULT: After a thorough investigation of the evidence against our Client, we made a strong defensive argument on his behalf. We successfully challenged the results of the breathalyzer and called into question its accuracy. After reviewing the video of the sobriety testing, we disagreed with the deputy’s opinion of our Client’s performance. After numerous attempts to negotiate this case, the State finally agreed to reduce the charge. Our Client did not get convicted of DUI; entered a plea to a lesser charge, and did not have 4 points assessed to his driver’s license. We established further success in winning the formal hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles for our client. Our client’s license was never suspended.