Therapist Charged with Felony Drug Possession Without a Prescription

Charges Dropped! Professional License Preserved!
Collier County, FL. Our Client was stopped for speeding and failure to maintain a lane. When the officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver, he observed her mannerisms to be slow and deliberate as if under the influence of a narcotic and/or alcohol. Our client was asked if she had been drinking alcohol and she first stated no, but later changed her statement, she then stated that she had a few sips of white wine. She was then asked if she was under the influence of any kind of medication, where she paused for a moment and said no. Later the officer observed “track marks” on both arms consistent with intravenous drug use. Our client was given a verbal warning for speeding. The officer then asked for consent to search the vehicle for narcotics and consent was given. During the search of the vehicle, prescription medication was located inside a plastic container. Poison control was then contacted to identify the pills. Poison Control advised the pills were: 1 Oxycodone (30 mg) and 4 generic Xanex (2mg). Our client was then advised of her Miranda Rights and placed under arrest for two counts of possession of a controlled substance. Result: Our client also has and open DUI case at the time of this offense and we were still able to negotiate the charges; CHARGES DROPPED!