Traffic Stop for Illegal Window Tint Results in Felony Drug and Weapons Charges

Officers stopped a vehicle for illegal window tint and noticed the smell of marijuana. A search conducted of the vehicle located a black .45 caliber handgun, 8 rounds of ammunition inside the glove compartment and $881 dollars in cash. A consented search of the contents of the suspect’s cell phone showed texts regarding the sale of marijuana. The defendant is a convicted felon with an active warrant from another state. Officers arrest the suspect on charges of felony possession of cannabis and felony possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. RESULT: The attorney successfully negotiated the case on behalf of the client. Constructive drug possession is considered a second-degree felony and with the prior felony conviction almost faced a mandatory prison sentence. Through the diligence of the defense, the client obtained a no formal finding of guilt ruling resulting in NO CONVICTION!