Cheryl Gooden

Since becoming a licensed Florida attorney in 2005, Ms Gooden worked with the Public Defender's Office in the First Judicial Circuit. There, she gained extensive trial experience during her tenure in the public sector. At one point,  she tried as many as 12 cases in 8 days. She then furthered her experience in private practice in both criminal and civil litigation.  Her abilities are not only in trial, but also in thoroughly preparing the case, negotiating with the State Prosecutor, and working closely with both clients and their loved ones.  Although no attorney can guarantee an outcome in a case, Ms Gooden promises to be the type of attorney you ”can swear by, not at”. She prides herself on maintaining active communication with her clients, and doing everything she can to secure favorable outcomes, both inside and out of court.  Her motto is “Leave No Stone Unturned” in the preparation and eventual resolution of each and every client’s case.