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Attorney John Musca

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Dedicated Vero Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

A Trusted Legal Team Ready to Provide a Quality Defense

Facing criminal charges is a daunting experience, whether if it is your first time or not. The justice system is inherently intimidating, but you should know that you have rights and we can fight for those rights and ensure that you are not treated unfairly. Ready to fight your criminal charge? Call (772) 285-3782 today for a free case review!

Representation that Makes a Difference in Your Future

When you are charged with a criminal offense, it is likely that the prosecution is well on their way to building a case against you. That is why it is crucial to immediately seek skilled representation as soon as possible. Doing so will allow you to achieve the best possible results. Our Vero Beach criminal defense attorneys have over 150 years of combined experience and will utilize this to win your case. Some of the cases we handle include: Let us stand by you and protect your rights during this difficult time. It’s not just your freedom that is being threatened, but also your character and dignity. When you are wrongly accused of a criminal offense, the repercussions are often greater than they appear. Musca Law is devoted to protecting that character both in and out of a court of law.

Understanding the Florida State Law System

Between our 150+ combined years of experience, we’ve seen just about everything that has passed through the Florida system. Our courtroom records speak volumes: we consistently get results for our clients. Understanding the local system and law is critical in determining your outcome during a criminal offense case. Your legal counsel’s experience is your best defense against allegations that threaten your character and rights.

Proper Communication With Authorities

During the moments after any crime, speculation is the only thing that authorities have to go off of until they are able to gather evidence and testimonies. During this time, you should have full legal counsel on your side to help provide a clear and concise narrative. Regardless of the situation, you have your rights, and deserve experienced legal representation to assist in defending those rights. Dealing directly with the authorities without counsel is a dangerous tactic, one that authorities hope you will decide on to indemnify yourself, even under false allegations. Give us the opportunity to defend your interests and your freedom.

Dismissing Inconsistent Evidence

During a criminal case a list of potential evidence may be long and arduous. Authorities and the prosecution won’t rule anything out until it has been proven to not be inclusive to your case. This often results in inconsistent findings that may still damage or eliminate your chances to be tried fairly. We are able to contest and request that certain evidence is inadmissible in court. When aspects of an investigation don’t directly relate to your criminal case, there is no reason for the prosecution to bring them into a court of law, should your case reach trial. During your first hearing, we will work to examine all forms of evidence, and suppress unrelated evidence that arguably has no forbearance on your case.

Strategic Plea Bargaining

Plea bargains are a strategic agreement between the defense and the prosecution, providing solutions that benefit or please both parties. In the event that the prosecution’s evidence is overwhelmingly pointing towards a trial, plea bargains, in exchange for a no contest or guilty plea, can be reached. Criminal cases currently flood the legal system, and have done so for years. Strategic plea bargaining allows you to receive a mitigated sentence or plead not guilty, when applicable. Your Vero Beach criminal defense attorney will stalwartly battle for the best possible terms and conditions, though the decision of whether or not to take it remains entirely up to you.

Handling Your Arraignment

During your arraignment, you are expected to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Your arraignment takes place before a formal trial, and the results of your arraignment will determine if it ever reaches a formal courtroom hearing. This process requires precise strategy for the best possible outcome. Representing yourself during this process is not only reckless, but immediately projects inexperience and unpreparedness onto the prosecution and judge. Our Vero Beach defense attorneys are ready to vigorously defend your rights and challenge all accusations during this difficult time.

Pre-Trial Proceedings for Criminal Offenses in Vero Beach

During the pre-trial phase, you’re spending a large volume of time dealing with these accusations. Pre-trial aid aims to dismiss your case and acquit you of charges, while exercising your constitutional right to a fair and fast trial. You’ve been accused of a criminal offense; that doesn’t mean your time is any less valuable than anyone else’s. During the pre-trial phase, you may be detained by authorities. Our Vero Beach defense attorneys can often convince the court to forego bail, or reduce that bail to a manageable amount. Bail is set to ensure you show up for a trial. With the right legal counsel in your corner, we will fight this together.

Our Criminal Defense Philosophy at Musca Law

The team at Musca Law believes in every single client whose case we take on. We take the time to get to know you and understand your needs. We provide an aggressive defense as well as a high level of personal service that only comes from attorneys who care about your freedom. There are an overwhelming number of incorrect or blatantly false accusations that affect many residents of Florida. Your life has already been put on hold or greatly impacted by any accusations. Our belief is that the wrongly accused should be given the quickest and most concise legal representation, so you can get back to living, and put this behind you.

Unrelenting 24/7 Access to Your Vero Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Team

There’s never been a convenient time for these things to happen. Whether it’s the middle of the night or a Sunday afternoon, Musca Law is standing by for 24/7 support. We recognize and value your time, and understand the fear and confusion that follows after accusations arise. Allow us to aggressively fight for you regardless of the time of day.


Our criminal defense attorneys in Vero Beach will analyze all the details of your case and find the prosecution’s weaknesses. When you hire us, you are not just getting an attorney, you are getting an entire team.

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