Attorney John Musca Discusses The Importance Of The Presumption Of Innocence

The Musca Law team can help if you've been arrested on suspicion of DUI in Florida. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty and you shouldn't hire an attorney that says otherwise. To get our Florida DUI Arrest Lawyers On Your Side Visit our website for more information or call our offices at (888) 484-5057 to schedule a free consultation. Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and/or drugs in Florida can be a confusing, intimidating, and demanding experience. From having an officer pull you over to the handcuffs wrapping around your wrists, you've found yourself in a nightmare that you can't seem to wake up from. Fortunately, however, there is legal help available to ensure that your rights are effectively and aggressively defended so you can stay out of jail, keep your license, and avoid paying steep fines. If the charges against you aren't dropped, it is possible that your charges may be reduced to help lower the possible drunk driving penalties you face. Whether you yourself have been arrested for DUI or you're helping a loved one or friend, it is extremely important to access as much helpful legal information as possible. Fully understanding your legal rights and how to successfully defend against a DUI is extremely important. At Musca Law, our Florida criminal defense lawyers have years of experience successfully handling criminal hearings and DUI formal administrative review hearings to help our clients keep their driving privilege

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