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Miami DUI Lawyer + Attorney Arrested for a DUI in Florida? Visit to find out about Miami DUI Lawyer John Musca. The DUI attorneys at Musca Law are ready to help beat or reduce your DUI charge. Call (888) 484-5057 now to speak with an experienced Miami DUI lawyer! The best thing that you can do for yourself after you have been charged with the serious offence of driving under the influence (DUI) is to hire a Miami DUI Lawyer. After you are arrested and charged with DUI, know that the longer that you go without a top Miami DUI lawyer, the more likely that your defense will suffer. You do not want to face these serious charges alone without the guiding hand of Miami DUI experts to help you. Fortunately, the Miami area has some of the top Miami DUI attorneys in the state. The attorneys at Musca Law have the experience and expertise to give you the best chance to beat your DUI charge. A charge for a Miami DUI indicates that an individual was under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while operating a motor vehicle. You do not necessarily need to have been actually driving the motor vehicle to be accused of a DUI in Miami. By just sitting in the driver's, no matter if you are driving, sitting with the motor on, or parked, it is enough for a Miami DUI charge. A specific level of alcohol in the blood defines the intoxication portion of a DUI. The legal limit varies from state to state, and it is typically a blood alcohol concentration between 0.08 and 0.10%.

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