Siesta Key, Florida - A news report posted on states that a 15-year-old Newport boy has been arrested and is facing several criminal charges after he reportedly shot a man in the buttocks. The incident happened back in siesta key last Saturday.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Deputies, the 15-year-old shot a man in the buttocks and the man's arm. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office arrest report states that the incident occurred at the 900 block of Beach Road. As the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived to investigate a complaint of loud noise, the officers heard an individual firing multiple gunshots in a parking lot that was close by.

According to the news report, local area residents are frustrated about serious violence and criminal attacks. 

One resident stated that several years ago, the only concern that they had was whether or not somebody was wearing a shirt or shoes when walking in the village. However, ask violence such as these or something that they now have to consider, but this was not the type of criminal activities they want to continue.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office deputies stated that the suspect, who has been described as a white male dressed in red jogging pants and a white shirt, fled the scene before the deputies could find a man.

Law enforcement officers believe the suspect is the same individual who shot a 21-year-old man who just arrived at a hospital with gunshot injuries. That victim was shot just a block away. Sarasota County deputies believe that that victim was shot in his arm and buttocks.

One of the victims stated to law enforcement officers that he was hanging out along the sidewalk when a stranger dressed up in a white T-shirt and red pants pull out a gun and shot them. According to the witness, the suspect was brandishing a firearm while Sarasota County Sheriff's Office deputies approached the man.

Another witness who witnessed a shooting from her fifth-floor balcony stated that she witnessed the team talking with the victim's friend. The two were on a street corner talking just before the shooting happened. The witness stated that she saw the boy pull out a pistol and then shoot the man several times.

Sarasota County sheriffs deputies stated in their report that they found several empty shell casings along with a 9 mm Glock. The empty bullet casings and the gun were found close by the shooting incident. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office deputies then discovered the team who matched the shooter's description at the intersection of Cedar Park Circle in Higel Avenue. The law enforcement officers stated that the suspect was on a bicycle that had no tail lights. The suspect was then taken into police custody.

According to the suspect's Arrest report, The suspect did not answer any of the investigators' questions but did not deny involvement in the shooting. The suspect was then arrested on criminal charges of loitering and prowling and aggravated battery with the use of a deadly weapon.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office deputies state that the 15-year-old did not have any criminal history in Sarasota County. However, the north port police department has multiple interactions in rests with the team that deep back to 2019.