Miami Beach, Florida – anews report posted on states that Miami place I have arrested an Alabama man accused of raping a woman who is visiting from France at a hostel in Miami Beach, Florida. The alleged sexual battery occurred at the Bikini Hostel that is located along West Avenue. The incident occurred last Wednesday evening.  

According to the Miami Beach police report, the French tourist believed her boyfriend entered into their room only to realize it wasn’t her boyfriend. It was a 61-year-old man from Alabama. 

The Miami Beach Police Arrested the 61-year-old man the next morning following The victims 911 phone call. The woman stated that the men into the room and raped her.

According to the Miami Beach police, the woman stated that she and her boyfriend i’ve been out late and she decide to call it a night in return to their room. The woman had left the club by herself and then walked back to her room at the Bikini Hostel.  The arrest Ccontinued saying that the victim had left Their room door slightly ajar since her boyfriend would be returning later to meet her.  

The victim then told Miami Beach police officers that she had drifted off to sleep, but a few moments later she felt someone else was in the bed with her whom she thought was her boyfriend.  The woman stated that she ordered the man to stop in to leave her room. A neighbor told the reporters that “it makes you really want to watch your surroundings.”  The neighbor also stated that incidents like this makes them not want to return to a place like this anymore.

The victim then told Miami Beach police detectors that she initially thought the situation was only a nightmare.  

Police located the suspect in the courtyard of the Bikini Hostel shortly after the woman contacted 911 to report the sexual battery.

The suspect it’s from the state of Alabama. He has been charged with sexual battery and was booked into the Turner Guilford night correctional center located in West Miami Dade County.