The Super Bowl is an exciting event that will not only be drawing out-of-towners to the hosting city of Indianapolis, but also bringing together football fans across the country together at countless Super Bowl parties, where they will enjoy traditional game day food and drink while rooting for their team.

The fun and games of Super Bowl weekend can be ruined by a DUI charge, however.

Drunk driving is common during Super Bowl weekend and, as such, law enforcement will be aggressively on the lookout for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. If a driver seems impaired, they will be pulled over, whether they are actually so or not. Some of the common signs that police officers look for when attempting to identify intoxicated drivers include:

  • Drifting across multiple lanes;
  • Abruptly changing speed;
  • Poorly navigating turns;
  • Driving excessively slow;
  • Driving the wrong way; and
  • Ignoring traffic control devices.

Being pulled over for other simple traffic violations, such as speeding or failing to yield the right-of-way, may also lead to a DUI arrest. However, a traffic violation is often just that and nothing more. Law enforcement can become overzealous in their efforts to take drunk drivers off the roads. Though this is understandable as drunk driving accidents do occur and are often deadly, it can lead officers to misconstrue observations as well as violate proper procedure.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Florida, the experienced Florida DUI defense lawyers at Musca Law can examine the details of your arrest to determine any violations of procedure and if the stop itself was unlawful. To learn more about protecting your legal rights and avoiding DUI penalties, contact us today at (888) 484-5057 for a confidential consultation.